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Melanoma Community Ireland

Excellent new video from this years Melanoma Patients Conference UK, well worth a watch.

If you are not on facebook you can also post comments on this website in our open forum.

Forum and Support

If you want to talk about your experience with melanoma, please feel free knowing you are talking to others who are in the same situation. Thanks.



If you have just received a recent diagnosis here are some helpful questions to ask your GP.

Diagnosis-Related Questions:

• Why do you think I have melanoma?
• Do I need a biopsy?
• When will I know the results?
• Will I have a scar from the biopsy?
• Have you checked my body for other possible
• What is my stage?
• Do I need more tests to determine my stage?
• If I need more tests, what tests are they?
• How will you determine if the cancer has spread?
• Has the cancer spread to my lymph nodes?
• What type of follow-up will I need?
• Will I develop a new melanoma?
• Should I get a second opinion?
• Do I need regular scans or a brain scan?
• Do you know what my Breslow Measurement is?

Treatment-Related Questions:

• What are my treatment options?
• Have you tested my melanoma for genetic
mutations such as the BRAF mutation? What
about other mutations?
• What treatment plan do you recommend?
• Will I receive my treatment here or at another
• Would you recommend interferon?
• Will I be able to continue my normal daily life?
• What are the side effects of the treatment you
• What clinical trials would you recommend?
• Should I continue to see a dermatologist? How
• Should I get a second opinion?
• What type of follow-up care will I need?

Melanoma Community Ireland