Scars and wedding dresses!  


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A few months after I finished treatment my boyfriend had booked a holiday for us, which resulted in him falling on one knee in Venice and of course I said yes. We returned home and the planning began, a date was set and it was time to go find the dress. I was so nervous, I had never worn dresses that covered my arms before I was diagnosed with melanoma but now I had this big scar to cover. Many girls dream of their wedding dress and I was one of them !! I tried on lots of dresses that day, but all i could think on was how visible my scar was. I went home that evening and cried for hours, the reality was that even though I wasn't sick anymore but I would carry this reminder with me for the rest of my life. For the next few weeks I started looking at my scar and felt so thankful that I had it, melanoma came and tried to kill me and this was my proof that I had fought back and won. Wedding dress shopping was supposed to be fun but for me it was a dread, I felt the need to explain to the sales assistants about what had happened and where this scar came from, which I found tough to be honest. The dress fittings continued and all I could see was my arm and when I got home I would cry, until eventually one day I decided to try a dress that wasn't covering my arm, it was then I started feeling like a bride, however this brought questions of how I would cover it so that no one would stare. My sister searched online and found a dress that she knew I would love so off we went to a place near Belfast, she called to make an appointment but they were having a sample sale so we off we went, when I seen the dress had no sleeves I said nothing, my tummy was in knots, when I put it on, scars disappeared, the assistant didn't even notice my scar, after months of tears and fears I found it. I never thought that something like wedding dress shopping would have been so mentally challenging, but it was one of my big mental and emotional challenges after melanoma.

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